Easy vegan Pavlova cake
Easy vegan Pavlova cake recipe made with aquafaba or chickpea water and coconut cream. Delicious dessert that tastes like summer! Author: Krista, www.bunnymommycooks.com
    Servings Prep Time
    8 30min
    Cook Time Passive Time
    120min 60min
    Servings Prep Time
    8 30min
    Cook Time Passive Time
    120min 60min
    • 150ml of aquafaba – chickpea brine(150 ml can be obtained more or less from 1 can of chickpeas)
    • 1/2teaspoon of white wine vinegar(or rice or apple vinegar)
    • 100g of caster sugar
    • 30g of cornstarch
    • 300g of different types of fresh berries(strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries etc.)
    • 350g of the white solid part of full fat coconut milk(refrigerated overnight before use)
    • 1tablespoon of sugar(or any other type of sweetener)
    1. heat the oven to 100°C/210°F (Important – do not set the temperature higher! Higher temperature can cause melting. That’s why it’s even safer to set it 2 – 3 degrees lower than indicated) and line a baking tray with clean parchment paper, then set it aside;
    2. in a small bowl mix together caster sugar and cornstarch, set aside;
    3. pour aquafaba in a completely clean bowl without any greasy residue. By using an electric whisk or a stand mixer beat the aquafaba until it starts to resemble beaten egg whites, but is still a bit unstable (takes about 5 minutes). At this point add vinegar and continue to beat until stiff peaks have formed (takes about another 5 minutes). To control if the mixture is stable enough, slowly turn the bowl upside down. If the mixture doesn’t start to slide around, you can begin adding the caster sugar and cornstarch;
    4. add the caster sugar and cornstarch tablespoon by tablespoon by continuing to beat the mixture – it’s very important not to add all the caster sugar and cornstarch at once, otherwise the mixture may deflate;
    5. once all the caster sugar and cornstarch are added, turn off the mixer;
    6. with a clean spoon transfer the fluffy mixture on to the previously prepared baking tray by creating a round bowl-like shape with uneven edges. Be aware that during baking the shape will flatten a bit, so make the edges high;
    7. place the baking tray in the preheated oven and bake for 2 hours (Important – during the baking, do NOT open the oven door!);
    8. once the baking time is over, turn off the oven, slightly open the oven door, but keep the baking tray still inside the oven for about 1 hour, so that the base dries out completely;
    9. shortly before serving, prepare the cream for the cake by adding sugar to the hard part of the coconut milk and beating it until a fluffy soft cream is obtained. Then wash and pat dry the berries;
    10. cover the Pavlova base with the prepared cream and berries. If wanted, sprinkle some extra caster sugar on top of the berries. Serve immediately.