Simple vegan vitamin salad
Delicious and healthy vitamin salad that is rich in nutrients and 100% vegan. The perfect meal to nourish your body. Author: Krista,
    Servings Prep Time
    6 10min
    Servings Prep Time
    6 10min
    • 50g of lettuce of your choice
    • 50g of fresh spinach
    • 100g of blueberries(check notes)
    • 20g of fresh dill
    • 100g of bean sprouts(I used soy sprouts
    • 50g of arugula
    • 125g of radishes
    • 100g of yellow cherry tomatoes
    • 100g of red cherry tomatoes
    • 200g of avocado
    • 250g of canned or cooked chickpeas
    • 100g of cashews
    • 200g of red cabbage
    • 20g of goji berries
    1. wash and tap dry all the ingredients that must be washed before;
    2. in a big bowl put lettuce, spinach, blueberries, sprouts, arugula, chickpeas, cashews and goji berries;
    3. chop dill, cut radishes and cherry tomatoes in half, cut avocado and red cabbage in small pieces and add it all to the ingredients in the bowl;
    4. mix everything well and serve immediately.
    Recipe Notes

    * off-season blueberries can be replaced with pieces of fresh and juicy orange